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The band known as Rift was formed in 2006 by the founding memebrs Leo Lopez, William dos Santos, Cory Green, & Jon Matheson. Self produced, the band created and promoted their music over the course of four years. This site is dedicated to the group, to their families, friends, and fans that supported them.


picture of Leo

Leo Lopez Bass, Guitar

Leo was one of the first founding members of Rift. Although he first started as the lead guitarist, Leo found joy in the rhythm section kicking out some heavy bass guitar.

William dos Santos Lead Vocals, Keys

Will started the band with Leo during their second year of high school. Will, stepped up for lead vocals and keys after a few years. He describes himself less as a singer and more of a "song and dance man."

picture of Will
picture of Cory

Cory Green Drums, Vocals

Cory, the passion of the group, played alongside his father Ronald Green for years before joining Rift in 2005 before the band was named. Cory helped write the bulk of the lyrics on the later albums and maintained a constant passion for the music.

Jonathan Matheson Lead Guitar, Vocals

Jon Matheson, a mutli-talented musician and song writer, has been playing and performing music for most of this life. He wrote and produced all of the Rift albums with studio quality sound, all while recording in the garage.

picture of Jon
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